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We offer industry-recognized accredited AI certification programs and career paths tailored for beginners and pros alike, to help you land your dream job in AI and other emerging technologies.

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Our Mission

We Want to Make AI Accessible to Everyone with Curated Career Paths

Future Skills Academy is the top destination for every person looking to become a part of the AI revolution and land coveted AI job. Our mission is to always stay ahead of the curve and offer our learners the best possible training resources on advanced technologies that will boost their careers.

With the support of a team of qualified experts and researchers, we have created a revolutionary approach to tech training with our artificial intelligence certification and other advanced technologies training programs. Our training library also includes resources such as learning Generative AI, ChatGPT, and Prompt Engineering.

The quality of our training courses ensures that you can pursue your desired AI job role without any concerns about your existing skill level. Our career paths offer a gradual approach that ensures everyone can become an AI expert, no matter what their background is.

Our Unique Advantage

Why Choose Future Skills Academy?

We deliver top AI certifications with the unique advantage of accreditation and cost-effective learning plans. We make sure to create certification paths with attention to emerging trends in the tech industry so you get the best resources for career development in AI and other technologies.

Job-Centric Content Library

Job-Centric Content Library

Develop AI expertise and become job-ready with learning resources tailored by industry experts with know-how on the necessary knowledge job seekers need for top AI job roles.

Become a True AI Professional

Become a True AI Professional

Our comprehensive AI career paths help you put your skills to work through practical and interactive exercises that develop real-world AI expertise rather than just memorizing texts.

Expert Support for Career Development

Expert Support for Career Development

We help our learners land high-paying AI jobs with an exclusive job portal, CV consultation, a personal profile, and dedicated career counselors who work hard to get you hired.

Get To Know Our CEO

Aviv Lichtigstein

Aviv Lichtigstein

Founder & CEO, Future Skills Development

A thought leader and entrepreneur, Aviv Lichtigstein is the founder and CEO of Future Skills Development the world’s leading accredited AI programs that unlock the power of AI from a fundamental level to advanced mastery.

Aviv is a senior-level executive with 12 years of experience in technical, operational and business roles. He has significant experience in building enterprise products utilizing Big Data & AI. With expertise in launching, running, and growing programs and projects all the way from startups to Fortune 500 companies, Aviv has worked across a number of industries, business models, and technologies. He also has a proven track record of building and managing teams, products, and business strategies.

At Future Skills Academy, Aviv leads a growing team of instructors, subject matter experts, researchers, and other employees who are dedicated to helping AI Professionals grow. Nonetheless, Aviv is a passionate traveller and avid ironman triathlete.

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