Prepare your team for the future with advanced skills and knowledge.

Prepare your Team for the Future with FSA’s Accredited Training

Upskill your team with top-rated AI certification courses and prepare your business for the future.

Monitor your team’s performance

A role-centric training approach

Accredited certification programs

Practical hands-on training for all levels

Train at scale instead of hiring new talent

Trusted by employees at leading organizations

Improve Productivity and Upskill your Workforce

Prepare your team for the future with a customized learning plan, admin dashboard, and accredited certifications.

Our Strategy

Training for All Levels and Roles at Scale

FSA offers the opportunity to learn prompt engineering and ChatGPT in a way that allows every learner, no matter their role, to get the desired benefits. Our top AI certifications have been tailored with teams’ needs in mind to offer the best results when training at scale.

Our Training

Boost Your Team’s Skills and Achieve Success

We have introduced certification programs that cater to specific AI jobs but are not limited to them. Every role in any organization will benefit from AI training to boost productivity and performance. With a well-trained team, you can achieve your business goals faster.

Our Strength

Upskill your Existing Team and Save Money

Instead of hiring new talent every few months to keep up with the changing technologies, train your existing workforce and optimize your resources. Our team plan offers guided training with a hands-on approach that takes your workforce’s skills to the next level.

Team Plans & Pricing

Prepare your workforce for the future with advanced skills and knowledge. With FSA’s team plan, you will train your team at scale in no time.

Standard Plan

Access one accredited artificial intelligence certification course

$25 $50

Billed yearly, per learner

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The Standard Plan includes:
  • Choose 1 certification course 
  • Unlimited access for 1 year
  • Upskill your team

Premium Plan

Access all of our AI certification programs and get premium benefits

$75 $150

Billed yearly, per learner

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The Premium Plan includes:
  • Access our full training library
  • A personal training counselor
  • A personalized team training plan
  • Personalized training paths


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The FSA's Advantage for Business Teams

With FSA by your side, you can use AI certification programs for career advancement and productivity improvement, and take your team’s skills and knowledge to the next level. Our Team Plan helps you define what learning and skill development objectives you wish to achieve. We also ensure that you stay updated with the progress of your team’s learning through an easy-to-use admin dashboard.

The FSA's Advantage for Business Teams
Capitalize on Emerging Business Opportunities

Capitalize on Emerging Business Opportunities

The continuously growing emphasis on AI adoption in businesses creates new challenges for business teams. We help you utilize the most valuable AI certification paths to empower your teams with knowledge of ChatGPT, prompt engineering, generative AI, and other advanced technologies. Discover new business opportunities and stay ahead of your competitors with an additional edge.

Your One-Stop Destination for AI Training

Future Skills Academy offers accredited certifications covering advanced technologies that prepare your team for the future with hands-on skills and knowledge. Get a customized learning plan that is perfect for your team’s needs, assign them their paths, and track their progress, for an easy training process.

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Your One-Stop Destination for AI Training

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