Artificial intelligence has become an integral aspect of our everyday lives. When you ask Alexa to play a song or use facial recognition to unlock your phone, it is artificial intelligence working in the background. Interestingly, artificial intelligence is no longer restricted to people who have gained fluency in technology. 

AI chatbots have enabled everyone to tap into the potential of AI for different use cases. Interestingly, the best free AI chatbots help you access the benefits of artificial intelligence for business, workplace environment and everyday use cases. You can use AI chatbots to improve your workflow in any project. For example, you can begin coding for a new project or generate art and start the initial draft for novels.

ChatGPT emerged as the first example of AI chatbots which revolutionized the ways in which people visualized artificial intelligence. The top AI chatbots you can find in the market today have been inspired by ChatGPT and offer distinctive functionalities.

You can find different types of AI chatbots with unique strengths and weaknesses, thereby offering options suited to your needs. Let us learn more about AI chatbots and the top free AI chatbots that you must try in 2024. 

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Definition of AI Chatbots

The first thing you need to find a chatbot online free of cost is an understanding of the definition of AI chatbots. Artificial intelligence chatbots are programs tailored to simulate human-like conversations with users. You can interact with AI chatbots through voice or text messages to receive support and essential information alongside performing more complex tasks.

AI chatbots have been confused with rule-based chatbots that leverage artificial intelligence. While both of them qualify as conversational AI, rule-based chatbots and AI chatbots are completely different entities. Rule-based chatbots work by following pre-defined rules and decision trees, thereby limiting the types of answers you receive from them. Rule-based chatbots are limited in terms of flexibility and can support only simpler tasks, such as offering FAQs. 

On the other hand, you can look at an artificial intelligence chatbot list and find out how they overcome the limitations of rule-based chatbots. AI chatbots leverage machine learning algorithms and natural language processing for an effective understanding of the context and intent of user queries.

Awareness of the context ensures that AI chatbots can offer better, more accurate and contextually relevant answers to complex queries. On top of that, AI chatbots can draw insights from past interactions to ensure personalization in user interactions.     

Important Traits of AI Chatbots

AI chatbots are distinctive entities in the evolving artificial intelligence landscape as they serve as powerful tools for user interactions. While most people focus on ‘Which AI chatbot is completely free?’ it is important to think of the essential traits that distinguish AI chatbots from other AI tools. Here are some of the most notable traits that you can find in AI chatbots.

  • Natural Language Processing 
  • Contextual awareness 
  • Multi-functionality
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Learning over time
  • Availability

With the help of these traits, AI chatbots can support different use cases, such as complaint management in customer support, lead generation in sales and marketing and product recommendations in e-commerce stores. AI chatbots have also gained popularity in data interpretation, education, finance and many other sectors. 

Top AI Chatbots You Can Try for Free

The search for a chatbot online free of the burden of excessive prices can be quite overwhelming for beginners. You can find a broad range of alternatives among free AI chatbots with diverse functionalities. How can you determine whether the free AI chatbots can help you? Here is a selection of the best AI chatbots that you can use without having to worry about purchasing paid plans.

  • ChatGPT 

ChatGPTOpenAI took the whole world by storm by introducing ChatGPT in November 2022. It showed the world how the best free AI chatbots should work. ChatGPT is a conversational AI chatbot which utilizes the GPT-3.5 architecture. You can find the benefits of the GPT-4 model in ChatGPT Plus or ChatGPT’s paid plan. However, ChatGPT has gained significant popularity for its free plan.

It can perform a wide range of tasks based on natural language processing, such as answering questions, generating text, initiating conversations and summarizing text. The common use cases of ChatGPT include content creation, customer service applications and virtual assistants. Businesses and individual users can tap into ChatGPT’s capabilities through the website or mobile app. On top of it, developers can also integrate ChatGPT into their software products by leveraging APIs.

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  • Google Gemini 

Google Gemini The second most popular AI chatbot after ChatGPT is Google Gemini, previously known as Bard. It is one of the top AI chatbots powered by PaLM 2, the next-generation LLM by Google. The best feature of Google Gemini is the ability to respond to complex questions and mathematics problems. It can also help you generate code and support the effective planning of trips.

Google Gemini works exactly like ChatGPT, albeit with an advanced functionality. It can also take queries or prompts from users and provide a relevant response according to its training data. The special functionality of Google Gemini revolves around its ability to access the internet. For example, users can paste a URL in Google Gemini and request it to find specific information or summarize the content in the URL.    

  • IBM Watson Assistant 

IBMThe next top addition among free AI chatbots draws attention towards enterprise-oriented AI chatbots such as IBM Watson Assistant. It is a promising addition to the artificial intelligence chatbot list for the value it offers to enterprises. IBM Watson assistant works as a general-purpose conversational agent and offers the functionalities of a specialized chatbot.

Users can access different features with the enterprise AI chatbot, such as auto-learning, customer service desk integrations, analytics, and other functionalities. Enterprises can deploy IBM Watson Assistant in Google, Microsoft and Amazon environments. The AI chatbot also offers a custom channel API and the benefits of user conversation analysis. You can also opt for the paid plans of the AI chatbot, starting from $140 per month. 

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  • Bing Chat 

bing chatWhile industry giants like Google have been actively working on AI chatbots, it is reasonable to expect a similar solution from Microsoft. Bing Chat is the AI chatbot by Microsoft that has been integrated into the Microsoft Edge sidebar. Users can find the answer to the question “Which AI chatbot is completely free?” on Bing Chat.

It offers quick answers to user queries and the capability to access the internet. Therefore, you can find accurate answers from Bing Chat, such as Google Gemini. On top of it, the accessibility of Bing Chat in the Microsoft Edge sidebar ensures limited friction and enables users to have an appealing user experience with the AI chatbot. Bing Chat helps compare products and summarize long online documents. The best feature of Bing Chat for users is the ability to use different AI chat modes.

  • Chatsonic

chatsonic Chatsonic is also a prominent addition among popular AI chatbots that you can try for free. It is a valuable tool for content generation, customer support, marketing and research. Chatsonic is a reliable AI chatbot online, free for everyone who seeks alternatives to ChatGPT. Chatsonic offers a broad range of features that are ideal for marketers to enhance brand awareness.

In addition, researchers can also use the free AI chatbot to check facts. Customer support agents can leverage Chatsonic to resolve customer queries effectively. Most importantly, the integration of the AI chatbot with Google ensures that you can find updated responses. Another interesting feature of Chatsonic is the flexibility of dropping files such as links, PDFs, videos, and blog posts for summarization of content.

  • Personal AI 

personal AIPersonal AI is another notable entry among AI chatbots that you can try for free in 2024. It is a useful tool for messaging and personal communication. Interestingly, you can avail of different types of plans for individuals as well as enterprises based on your needs for customizable language models and personalized interactions. It is one of the best free AI chatbots with features such as multi-platform availability, long-term memory and unlimited AI conversations. You can access additional benefits with the paid plans for Personal AI, such as memory storage, professional support, and API access. The best feature of Personal AI is the creation of custom AI personas and domains.

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  • Pi 

PI Another valuable addition to the free AI chatbots that you should try in 2024 is Pi. It is a trusted AI chatbot for coaching and self-improvement. Pi works as your personal AI chatbot and can help you with different tasks. Pi is one of the top AI chatbots that you can use for brainstorming ideas, career planning, practising for an important conversation or learning new topics.

The AI chatbot can serve as your guide for self-improvement. It can also offer relationship advice and help you maintain a journal of your daily life. Some people also use Pi to vent their emotions and ask for suggestions for enhancing motivation in life. The personalized and natural conversations with Pi, alongside the easier usability of the UI, make Pi more than a regular AI chatbot.

  • ChatSpot 

ChatSpotThe collection of best AI chatbots that you can try for free in 2024 also includes ChatSpot. It is one of the top answers to the question, “Which AI chatbot is completely free?” in the domain of sales and marketing. ChatSpot is a completely free AI chatbot for sales and marketing with flexibility for integration with HubSpot CRM. It leverages the functionalities of ChatGPT to support growing businesses.

ChatSpot offers a diverse collection of features focused on data-centric insights, sales prospecting and content generation. On top of it, ChatSpot also draws inferences from your objectives and customizes interactions to match your specific goals. ChatSpot is the best option for improving your workflow and making better decisions to generate content, analyze data, or accelerate sales.

  • Perplexity 

Perplexity AIYou cannot complete a list of the top free AI-powered chatbots without including Perplexity. It is a trusted AI chatbot online that is free of cost for web search functionalities. The AI language model has the capabilities for effective understanding of natural language. It can also ensure the automatic generation of semantically coherent and grammatically correct responses. The AI chatbot utilizes machine learning to draw predictions about the next likely word in a particular sentence.

As a result, Perplexity can offer relevant answers to the questions of users. The intuitive user interface is one of the most prominent features of Perplexity, alongside its effective summarization capabilities. Most important of all, it not only generates comprehensive answers but also offers references to the source of the information.

  • Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon CodewhispererAmazon is also one of the tech giants who have come up with their AI chatbots. Within no time, Amazon CodeWhisperer has become a top addition to the artificial intelligence chatbot list for coding. Developers can use the AI chatbot to generate code suggestions faster and more securely. It can support application development alongside security audits and reference tracking.

CodeWhisperer can support the effective streamlining of coding tasks alongside encouraging confidence in the quality of code and enhancing security protocols. Developers can also customize CodeWhisperer to internal libraries and leverage the flexibility of integrating the AI chatbot with popular IDEs and 15 different programming languages. Amazon CodeWhisperer can present new benchmarks for code reliability and productivity with its impressive features.

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Final Words

The review of the top AI chatbots shows that you can explore multiple functionalities with AI chatbots. The best thing about the chatbots highlighted in this discussion is that all of them are available with free plans. As a matter of fact, some of them are available with free plans only. On the other hand, paid plans for some of the tools introduce additional functionalities.

Free AI chatbots help you explore the basic functionalities before you invest something to access more features. The best practices for using AI chatbots can differ according to the desired use case and the type of chatbot you have selected. Learn more about the workings of artificial intelligence chatbots and their limitations to identify the best AI chatbots for you now.

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