The world might not have witnessed the impressive potential of AI if it had not been for OpenAI and its revolutionary product, ChatGPT. As the world of AI grows and new models evolve continuously, the advancements by OpenAI deserve attention from everyone. The latest question making the rounds of the global AI community is “What is GPT 4o?” as OpenAI has made another groundbreaking announcement recently. 

It is the latest iteration of the GPT or Generative Pre-Trained Transformer models that brings an array of new features. GPT models have transformed how users can interact with AI and use it to their advantage. On May 13, 2024, OpenAI unveiled the GPT-4o, the latest addition among its AI models that blends text, audio, and vision in the GPT experience. Let us unravel some more insights on GPT-4o and its capabilities. 

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What is the New GPT-4o Model?

OpenAI GPT-4o

GPT-4o is the latest flagship model of OpenAI that brings the same level of intelligence as GPT-4. As you seek information about the new model in any GPT 4o guide, you will find that the ‘o’ in GPT-4o means something special. The ‘o’ stands for ‘Omni,’ indicating that the model can work on different types of inputs such as text, images, video, and audio. GPT-4o is better than its predecessors and peers for its unique ability to understand audio and its vision capabilities. On top of it, GPT-4o has also achieved significant improvement in understanding text in non-English languages. 

GPT-4o is probably the most advanced alternative to existing models with its ability to understand and discuss images. For example, you can click an image of a menu in a non-English language and ask GPT-4o to translate it. In addition, you can also ask questions about the history and significance of the food and seek recommendations on what you should choose from the menu. The improvements in OpenAI GPT-4o model may lead to real-time voice conversations with ChatGPT, even with video interfaces. For example, you can input the feed of a live sports game and seek an explanation of the game’s rules.    

Who Can Access GPT-4o?

OpenAI has also announced that GPT-4o will feature a new voice mode alongside the new capabilities in an alpha version. It would offer early access to Plus users as it moves towards a larger launch. The team has made it clear that anyone can learn GPT 4o and more about its capabilities. OpenAI has rolled out GPT-4o for ChatGPT Plus and team users. In addition, ChatGPT Free users can also access GPT-4o functionalities, albeit with certain usage limits. Even the Plus users and Team and Enterprise users would also have limits. 

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What Will Free Users Get from GPT-4o?

The thought of accessing GPT-4o features in the free version brings certain limitations to mind. However, the advantages of GPT 4o are that it cannot see the light of the day without exposing them to the free users. Interestingly, OpenAI has claimed that its mission revolves around ensuring the availability of advanced AI tools to more people. 

With over a hundred million people using ChatGPT every week, it is imperative to expect that it would be the best platform to allow users to try GPT-4o. Furthermore, OpenAI also plans to roll out more advanced tools for ChatGPT Free users. Here is an outline of the important features of GPT-4o for ChatGPT Free users. 

  • Leverage GPT-4 Intelligence 

The most crucial highlight of GPT-4o is the assurance of intelligence that is at par with GPT-4. The new flagship model of OpenAI stands out in a popular LLMs comparison with the ability to take different types of inputs, including text, audio, and video. The intelligence capabilities of an advanced model like GPT-4 can elevate generative AI advancements to the next level. 

  • Ability to Extract Responses from the Internet 

The next interesting feature of GPT-4o is that it can empower ChatGPT Free users to browse the web. Most of the answers to ‘What is GPT 4o’ revolve around its multimodal capabilities. On the other hand, it is important to reflect on how GPT-4o enables ChatGPT to browse the web for responses. Apart from its own training data, GPT-4o could access the web to respond to your queries. 

  • Data Analysis and Visualization 

With the new GPT-4o model, ChatGPT Free users can use the generative AI tool for data analysis and visualization. You can upload data in any format, ask GPT-4o to evaluate the data and create charts to understand the data. It can also help you extract valuable insights from data according to your goals. 

  • Discussions about Images

One of the most promising improvements that you would notice in a GPT 4o guide is the flexibility for chatting about images. You can upload images and start a discussion about the images with a more conversational approach. For example, you can upload images of food items and ask about their nutritional value. 

  • Direct File Uploads 

GPT-4o offers the advantage of empowering ChatGPT to support direct file uploads. Rather than describing a 400-page story in a single prompt, users can upload the file directly on ChatGPT. The flexibility to upload files directly to ChatGPT with GPT-4o ensures that you can use it for different tasks, such as summarizing, analyzing, and writing new content. 

  • Exploring New GPTs

The most important feature of GPT-4o is the opportunity to explore new GPTs and the GPT Store. Users can directly access other GPTs on ChatGPT with the help of GPT-4o, thereby extending ChatGPT’s capabilities. On top of it, the simple steps to access other GPTs through the ChatGPT interface can offer a better user experience with AI.

  • Personalization of User Experiences 

Another promising feature of OpenAI GPT-4o is the assurance of personalized user experiences with the help of Memory. The unique ‘Memory’ feature with GPT-4o ensures that ChatGPT can update memories of your conversations with the tool. As a result, it can offer personalized responses in subsequent conversations based on memories of the interactions it has with users.

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What are the Most Notable Advantages of GPT-4o?

The features of GPT-4o provide a clear impression of the advantages it brings to the table. If you consider a popular LLMs comparison, then you will notice that GPT-4o is superior in every aspect. It is an impressive feat to outperform popular LLMs such as GPT-4 Turbo, Gemini 1.5, Claude 3 Opus, and Llama 3. Here are some of the key advantages of GPT-4o that make it better than other LLMs.

  • Vision and Audio Comprehension 

The foremost addition to the advantages of GPT 4o comes from its multimodal capabilities. It can understand video, images, and audio alongside text prompts. Therefore, you have more inputs to experiment with in GPT-4o.

  • Better Accuracy 

Another promising advantage of GPT-4o points is the assurance of better accuracy. As compared to OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo, which offers a quality index of 94, GPT-4o is better with a quality index of 100. 

  • Cost-Effectiveness 

You would not want to miss the fact that GPT-4o is considerably cheaper than GPT-4. Any GPT 4o guide would be incomplete without mentioning that the output cost for GPT-4 Turbo is $30 for 1 million tokens. On the other hand, GPT-4o achieves the same output at $15. 

  • Saving Your Time and Effort 

The flexibility for exploring other GPTs and using text, image, audio, and video prompts helps save time and effort when interacting with AI models. Most importantly, it can ensure better speed than GPT-4. While GPT-4 can manage 23 transactions per second, GPT-4o can offer an impressive speed of 75 transactions per second. 

  • Memory Capabilities 

The Memory capabilities of GPT-4o also take it one step ahead in the comparison between popular LLMs. You can refer to any popular LLMs comparison, and GPT-4o would come out on top with the ability to remember its conversations with users. As a result, it can answer user queries with better personalization. 

  • Enhanced Experience 

The fundamental responses to “What is GPT 4o” provide a clear explanation of how it can offer better user experiences. With a broad range of features, GPT-4o can offer personalized user experiences at a faster speed at a cost-effective price. Most importantly, the ability of GPT-4o to accept inputs in text, audio, video, and images makes it more useful for AI enthusiasts.

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Final Words 

The review of GPT-4o and its capabilities serves as a clear impression of the ways in which it can revolutionize ChatGPT. OpenAI has made an effort to reduce the barriers between AI and the general public by making GPT-4o less intimidating. As a regular user, OpenAI GPT-4o allows you to use text, images, audio, and video as inputs. On top of it, you can upload files directly to ChatGPT with GPT-4o and ask it to perform different tasks. 

The performance of GPT-4o is better than that of other popular LLMs, such as GPT-4, Gemini 1.5, and Llama 3. With the assurance of a quality index that outperforms other LLMs and features for interactive conversations, GPT-4o may change the perception and usefulness of ChatGPT. Discover more insights about the performance of GPT-4o as compared to other LLMs in our detailed infographic.

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